Workplace Sexual Harassment

Workplace Sexual Harassment


Legal Clinic

As part of Respect at Work Legal Clinic, Migrant Workers Centre’s legal team provides free legal advice to newcomers to Canada who have faced or are facing sexual harassment in the workplace.

In light of COVID-19, appointments are being conducted remotely until further notice. To make an appointment, please call our hotline, 604-404-1931, or contact us by e-mail at Interpretation is available upon request.

MWC’s hotline is open every Tuesday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm and Tuesday and Thursday evenings until 8 pm. Any newcomer who has faced or is facing workplace sexual harassment can call this hotline for information and advice, or to make an appointment.

Legal Education

MWC is also conducting workshops and trainings on what workplace sexual harassment is and how to respond. If you are interested in arranging a workshop, please contact us at 604-404-1931 or

What is sexual harassment in the workplace?

Sexual harassment involves conduct of a sexual nature that is unwelcome and that negatively affects the work environment or leads to negative job related consequences. Most victims of sexual harassment are women, but persons of all gender identities and sexual orientations can be affected. Sexual harassment can occur between individuals of different genders or between individuals of the same gender.

We tend to associate sexual harassment with physical and overtly sexual conduct. However, sexual harassment may be psychological and can be subtle. It can take many forms, including:

  • Unwanted touching
  • Offensive jokes
  • Sexual suggestions or requests
  • Staring at, or making comments, about one’s body
  • Showing sexual pictures
  • Being verbally abusive because of gender
  • Saying or doing something because a person does not conform to gendered stereotypes

Inappropriate sexual behaviour often develops over time but a single event may, depending on the particular context, be sufficient to constitute sexual harassment.


All newcomers to Canada are eligible for legal services. This includes:

  • Migrant workers
  • People without status
  • Permanent residents
  • Refugee claimants
  • Naturalized citizens
  • International students

Please follow the following links to download the Respect at Work leaflet and poster with information about our services. The poster is available in Arabic, English, Farsi, French, Punjabi, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Tagalog.

Respect at Work Legal Clinic Booklet

Respect at Work Leaflet

Respect at Work Poster (Arabic)

Respect at Work Poster (English)

Respect at Work Poster (Farsi)

Respect at Work Poster (French)

Respect at Work Poster (Punjabi)

Respect at Work Poster (Simplified Chinese)

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Service providers can use the resource below, which offers trauma-informed practices to support newcomers who have faced workplace sexual harassment. This resource was developed in collaboration with Ending Violence Association of BC (EVA BC).

Toolkit: Best Practices to Support Newcomers Impacted by Workplace Sexual Harassment

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