Our Story

Migrant Workers Centre (MWC), formerly West Coast Domestic Workers’ Association (WCDWA), was started in 1986 by Kyong-ae Kim and Janet Patterson, two law students at the University of British Columbia, and a group of domestic workers. While researching problems facing domestic workers, Kyong-ae and Janet realized there was a need for legal resources geared towards foreign workers employed as caregivers. In 1987, West Coast Domestic Workers’ Association officially incorporated as a non-profit society. Thirty years later, the organization changed its name to Migrant Workers Centre to reflect its expanded role to promote and advance justice for caregivers and other at-risk migrant workers.

MWC facilitates access to justice for migrant workers through the provision of legal information, advice and representation. We provide public legal education and training to migrant workers and service providers across BC in the areas of employment law and immigration law. Over the years, MWC has assisted thousands of clients and has given hundreds of workshops.

MWC is also highly involved in law and policy reform work and test case litigation. We have worked tirelessly on behalf of our members to advocate for laws that provide caregivers and other migrant workers more equitable rights and recognize their important role in our community.

By working in collaboration with other non-profits and organizations, we have fostered a community brought together by the pursuit of justice for migrant workers in situations of labour exploitation or labour trafficking.

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