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MWC has over 300 members that support our organization and help make our work possible. MWC advocates on behalf of its members, and by joining, members use their voice collectively to support MWC’s advocacy for social change. Members receive Caregiver’s Voice, our bi-monthly newsletter with important information for caregivers and other temporary foreign workers (TFWs) in BC. Members also receive benefits such as discounts for MWC events, free workshops, opportunities to participate in social activities and the ability to vote at the Annual General Meeting and run for a position on the MWC Board of Directors.

Membership and Renewal

For current or former migrant workers, a one-year Migrant Workers Centre membership or renewal costs $25. For community members, a one-year Migrant Workers Centre membership or renewal costs $30.

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Becoming a member and/or renewing your membership is quick and easy. To become a member of MWC, or to renew your membership, please click the “Join Now” button below:

The button will take you to our MemberPlanet page. You can use your credit card to pay on the MemberPlanet page.

You can also sign up to become a member in person at our office during regular office hours. We can accept cash or cheques at our office.

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