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February 21st, 2024

I want to begin this announcement with a special thank you to Alison Brewin, our Interim Executive Director. Alison has made significant and transformative contributions to the Migrant Workers Centre, leading us with exceptional care and bringing cohesion to the organization. Alison will remain as the Interim ED until March 31st, 2024.

The Migrant Workers Centre is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Executive Director, Ingrid Mendez de Cruz, effective April 1st, 2024.

Ingrid brings to the role decades of experience in grassroots community development and organizing. Since 2018, Ingrid has
served as the Executive Director of Watari Counselling and Support Services, an organization that provides important services to at-risk
youth, families, and communities in the Downtown Eastside and surrounding neighborhoods. Informed by her experience growing
up in Guatemala (Place of Many Trees) and her lifelong commitment to social justice, Ingrid began working at Watari in the
90s as a Latin American Community Counsellor and then as a Manager of Programs and Operations.

In these roles, she ensured that communities could access programs that addressed their needs, goals, and aspirations. During her time as Executive Director of Watari, Ingrid created and implemented community-driven migrant support programs grounded in sanctuary principles, devoted her work to building meaningful partnerships, and diversified funding sources to maximize organizational resilience.

Ingrid’s work has also seen her lead various concurrent programs, ranging from culturally sensitive counselling, to community gardens centered in Indigenous knowledge and traditions, housing subsidy programs for youth, and more. Over the last decade, she has also been part of the Sanctuary Health Collective, advocating for the human rights of migrant communities in the Lower Mainland.

Ingrid holds 5 years of International Relations university studies and a Certificate from SFU in Non Profit Management. She is a community leader dedicated to the well-being and dignity of migrants to Canada. We are so grateful to have her join us and bring that wealth of skill, compassion and experience to the team at the Migrant Workers Centre.

Please join us in welcoming Ingrid, our new Executive Director, to the Migrant Workers Centre!

Maria Cano, Board Chair
On behalf of MWC’s Board of Directors

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